Acky's Bio

Acky grew up as an over-weight child which lead him to several challenges with being ‘plus sized’. He worked very hard to achieve his goal of losing over 100lbs. From that moment he made it a mission to use his knowledge and experience to motivate and inspire others to do the same. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Acky has helped others a personal trainer, fitness instructor, speaker, and now as the proud owner of Complete Physique.  


Acky understands the many challenges with finding the perfect body and that is why he guides people to strive for their ideal physique. He’s a passionate individual who uses a direct approach to help others achieve their fitness goals. Although the process is not easy and can be draining at times, Acky strongly believes that with the right support from your trainer and friends, any goal is obtainable. Complete Physique strives to create an inviting, supporting, and motivational environment. The studio advocates staff and members to encourage one another to provide a place that allows everyone to be themselves. Positive vibes only!


I joined Complete Physique this past spring and have loved my experience ever since. If I had to sum up the reasons why it comes down to this:

  1. The combination of unique sets which translate into challenging classes.

  2. The sense of community led and fostered by Acky and the other members.

Once I started attending Acky’s classes, I noticed a difference very quickly. My body responded to the exercises and this was very motivational. I come to the classes because I know I will get a good ‘sweat’, a good workout. There is a nice selection of classes, which helps vary my daily workouts. Over the months, I have felt my endurance increase as well as my strength. Acky encourages clients to push through repetitions, to take on more weight and always circulates to correct form.

Members at the studio are friendly and all come with the same goal: to work out and have fun. Acky does a great job of keeping us focused on the workouts but he also makes the experience a pleasant one. Whether it is a personal story of his daily routine or sharing his own struggles with fitness, he is relatable and he relates to us. He always manages to give the group a few good laughs. The newsletters and the workshops are also a great bonus to the studio experience as they offer clients a holistic approach to fitness, as well as the tools to better achieve their fitness goals.

- Sofia P



I was looking for the best group fitness in Thornhill and I found Complete Physique the one and only! I lost 18 pounds in 3 months and feel so much powerful now. Highly recommended.

- Kamyar E


At Complete Physique the energy is contagious, the environment is accepting, and the people are welcoming. The sweat is INSANE, but what I love the most is that you actually ENJOY the classes. The classes are unique, intense, challenging and fun. I enjoy pushing myself to a new level each class and leave more and more proud of myself each time. Acky is AMAZING and COMPLETE PHYSIQUE is EVERYTHING!!!! 

- Alethia L



8131 Yonge Street,  Suite 204
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 2C6

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